“A library is a place where you can lose your innocence without losing your virginity.” ― Germaine Greer

The College Library which is an integral part of the institutions exists for the purpose of public education. The library is saddled with the provision of effective information services through books, journals, reports, non-books; electronics based materials, etc., in support of the college’s teaching and learning processes.

The serial section on the other hand, consist mainly of journals, magazines, daily newspapers, government publications, and the computer (E-library) room. Over the years, the collection of the library have grown and are still growing to the extent that new collections are being acquired while obsolete books are being weeded out from time to time.

As a result of the global shift from hard copy information in print to electronic-based information, the library is planning to subscribe to a number of electronics data bases consisting journals, monographs and reports.

In other to ensure effective management and standardization of the college library as well as making library resources accessible to its patrons, the library currently runs an integrated library system (ILS) and also provides internet services through which readers can surf the web for online information.

Our goal is to provide access to the information that both staff and students (users) need to work and learn effectively.
Also, the library hopes to provide educational and reference materials that users need for good and efficient teaching and learning processes.

To achieve these goals, the following objectives have been established:

  • To acquire and organize books, journals and non-book materials publication;
  • To assist in obtaining reproduction of media from the library’s own collection as well as from other libraries;
  • To develop computerized database as well as provide access to library catalog, media and electronic databases;
  • Raise users’ (lecturers and students) awareness of the library and its services;
  • To disseminate information to users through reference bibliography and current awareness services to individuals and groups within the College community.
  • Present internet electronic media in an appropriate form.
Opening Hours

The library is opened Mondays to Fridays from 9:00am till 4:00pm
During semester breaks and long vacations, Opening hours is from 9:00am till 2:00pm, Mondays to Fridays

Warning signals are sounded thirty and fifteen minutes before closing while all desk transactions end fifteen minutes (15mins) to closing time. The Library is closed on National Holidays. Notices on library instructions are pasted on the library bulletin board.